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December 02, 2009


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I helped build the cabinets in the kitchen at the end of this film. They were right to Horst Magers'specks and came from
J.Greb&Son Cabinets. I did all of the door and drawer faces which was a lot of work because they are all matched grain. Horst then decided he wanted the rustic German look and had them painted a dark grey. I about died because that would have saved me a week of work!

Those of us who got up with the chickens suffered through RFD-6 the show fit only for farmers.

Good stuff. Thanks again.

This was the first Station I worked for. The year was 1960...to 1966. Many Many fond memories. It was a trip down memory lane to see Betty, Red and Frank Kindaid. I also remember Hi Neighbor. The very first thing I had to do was to haul a harp from Studio C (radio) to Studio A early in the morning so it would warm up in time for Francis Posey to play it for Hi Neighbor....

Thanks for the trip

George B


My father - Francis Lambert - and I used to borrow Red Dunning's fishing cabin on the Deschutes river while we were building ours. I vaguely remember some of the music that was on Red's radio show. I recently was listing to Nino Rota on Pandora and the sound seemed very familiar to the sound from Red's music, only Red's had a western style rather than a pop sound. Nino Rota did the music for many of Felini's movies, and for the Godfather. Does anyone else recognize a similarity with some of Rota's music?
Bill Lambert

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