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June 22, 2010


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Good for him! Looking forward to the tour.

Well, not according to, uh, Mike Love, from www.thebeachboys.com:
Mike Love Statement on The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary

Jun 22, 2010

As The Beach Boys approach the 2011-2012 touring season, which will mark their 50th anniversary as a band, speculation continues to grow among fans and media as to reunion possibilities among all the original surviving members. In response to recent stories Mike Love had the following comments:

“The Beach Boys continue to tour approximately 150 shows a year in multiple countries. At this time there are no plans for my cousin Brian to rejoin the tour. He has new solo projects on the horizon and I wish him love and success. We have had some discussions of writing and possibly recording together, but nothing has been planned. I, as I’m sure he is, am proud and honored that The Beach Boys music has endured these 50 years, but felt the need to clarify that there are no current 'reunion' tour plans.”

I hate to be a downer but I really could care less. These no talents lucked into God Vibrations after what 50 songs? I could throw darts at a dartboard and hit a Bullseye that often too. So what?

Sheeezzzz...Billy. They had many great songs prior to Good Vibrations. Where can we hear your last recording?

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