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April 22, 2010


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Was there for a Company Christmas party in the early 1970's. Had a great time and the food and service were both excellent!

Nendels was always a favorite with my family. Loved the ice cream desert..I know I'll misspell it...the Jimilani.

Look forward to trying the place out. Never had a bad meal at a Shilo.

This must be the place Sara was talking about under the Hall Street Grill post. She said a lot of former Hall Street emloyees were moving to the Mark. Should be interesting.

Wasn't that Black Bear Diner down the road a Nendels at one time? Even before it was a Lyons...anyone?

The chicken dinners were the greatest.

The Shilo has had at least a dozen themes & venues in the restaurant. This has to be the final breath to make something good happen. Will give it a try, once. I like the idea that the owner supports the military and did it when it was not in fashion.

I thought smoking was outlawed in Oregon.

My first night ever in Stumptown was spent at this motel.

Smoking indoors was generally outlawed in Oregon. Cigar bars were grandfathered by my understanding. I don't think you can smoke cigarettes in them either.

I worked a summer job in the kitchen there in probably 1966 or so. A crazy guy named Kenny ran the kitchen and scared hell out of all us kids. I still have a scar on my finger from a cut when I was preparing lettuce wedge salads.

Nendels also had a very extensive wine cellar. For some reason Lancers was always a popular wine. I still remember the cry, "Lancers up!" and some kid would have to hustle downstairs and bring up a bottle.

My family went to Nendels on many occasions, including my high school graduation from Aloha. Always a good time. I remember trying many menu items and I loved them all ( and I was fussy! ).

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